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Don't Have a Debate, Have a Discussion

Sharing your faith can be difficult, especially in these contentious times. Learn to use a simple technique of asking questions to create spiritual conversations while defusing heated debates.

Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Video #2 - History

Overview of Mormon origins and history. (8:23)

Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Video #4 - Theology

A look into key Mormon beliefs. (13:41)

Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Video #6 - 
   What Joseph Smith a Prophet?

Was the founder of Mormonism a prophet? I give three big reasons why he wasn't. (16:20)

Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Video #1 - R.C. Utah Trip

Learn about the 2020 Ratio Christi immersive mission trip to Utah in this introduction to our Mormonism video series. (4:57) 

Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Video #3 - Scripture

Introduction to Mormon scripture. (4:01)

Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Video #5 - Responding

How can Christians best reach & respond to their Mormon friends and neighbors? (13:20)

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