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Steve is available to speak and preach in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York area. 


Evangelism & Apologetics

  • Don’t Have a Debate, Have a Discussion: How to Share and Defend Your Faith in Grace and Peace

  • The Cosmological Argument: How the Beginning of the Universe Points to the Biblical Creator

  • Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ

  • The Problem(s) of Evil & Suffering: A Biblically-Focused & Pastoral Response

  • A Street Level Guide to the Morality Debate (Is morality relative? Does morality point to God?)

  • Miracles: Signs of Wonder or Signs of Gullibility?


Christian Theology

  • The Big Picture: How to Read & Understand the Whole Bible

  • Wrapping Your Head Around The Trinity

  • Wrapping Your Head Around Christ’s Dual Nature: Both Fully Human & Fully Divine

  • A History of Protestant Denominations (& a Few Cults): The Good, Bad & the Ugly


Old Testament

  • The Canaanites: Genocide or Judgement?

  • The Messianic Prophecies

  • Making Sense of Slavery in the Old Testament


New Testament

  • The New Testament Vs. the Telephone Game (Has the New Testament Been Corrupted Over Time?)

  • The New Testament Canon: Did the Right Books Make It In?

  • Differences Between the 4 Gospels: Contradictions or Confirmation of the Truth?

  • Making Sense of Slavery in the New Testament


Other Faiths

  • Identifying & Responding to Christian “Cults”: What’s the Difference Between a Denomination and a Cult?

  • Mormonism: History, Theology & Christian Response

  • The Islamic Jesus and the Problem of the Muslim Sources


Controversial Cultural Issues

  • Is Christianity “the White Man’s Religion”?

  • ​Analyzing the Debate: Women in Ministry

Available Talks/Workshops

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